Mardi Gras

Part of the fun of Mardi Gras is dressing up in bright, colourful fancy dress costumes.  Mardi Gras themes are popular for parties, balls, parades and just for fun.  Mardi Gras costumes can be as simple as a masquerade mask or feather boa.  However,  most costumes are designed to be more flamboyant and carnival themes are very popular and could include jester or clown.    Popular choices for the women are showgirl, police, bunny, burlesque, peacock.  The men make include police, sailor, king, gladiator, superhero.  Almost anything goes when it is mardi gras and in fact any costume can be worn!  You could just jazz up your own outfit by adding a wig or a brightly coloured tutu.  Lots of feathers and boas are always popular and the brighter and more colourful the costume the better! 

The meaning of Mardi Gras is “ a carnival or fair”  so this means that it is fun and what a better way of having fun is dressing up!

So why not hit the party scene with a fabulous mardi gras costume and stand out in the crowd!

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