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Burlesque Corsets

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Burlesque Corsets: Performance Icons

The burlesque corset, originating from the Victorian era, is a symbol of elegance and sensuality. In burlesque, it transcends being a costume—it becomes an expressive tool that uniquely shapes the performance.

Corsets accentuate the performer’s figure, contributing to the theatricality of burlesque, and help in executing the characteristic dance movements.

From Stage to Streets

In recent years, corsets have transformed into audacious fashion statements beyond the stage. They’ve been reinvented from traditional designs to modern interpretations, and have found their place in everyday attire.

Today’s corsets use a range of materials such as satin, lace, leather, and velvet, and are often adorned with ribbons, beads, or sequins.

A Symbol of Empowerment

Whether on the burlesque stage or in street fashion, corsets represent sensuality, elegance, and empowerment. We’ve made these unique items easily accessible, inviting individuals to embrace the spirit of burlesque in their personal style.

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