Australia has embraced Halloween and our love of dressing up is becoming more popular.  Plus – Halloween is a great excuse to throw a fancy dress party!

Halloween originated as the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.  People would dress up to ward off ghosts before All Saints Day which was on 1 November.   They believed that the barrier between the living and the ghost world of ghouls and spirits became thin at the end of summer and ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ would expel these evil spirits.

Halloween parties are a great festivity and there is no end to the amount of decorations and costumes that can be put together. Whilst Halloween was traditionally costumes of witches, warlocks, vampires etc now it is basically anything goes.  Any kind of fancy dress costumes is acceptable and whilst the fake blood and cobwebs are still popular we like to think that party goers can make their own choices.  So why not shop online at Leopard and Lace for a great adult costume for Halloween.   Some costume suggestions would be a harlequin, day of the dead, sugur skulls, gladiator, steampunk.  Or even a Gothic or steampunk corset or skirt for the ladies could be the start of your costume design.

If you do leave your costume choice to the last minute you can select express post on our website.

Don’t forget to have a bag of lollies for the trick or treaters that may knock on your door this Halloween.

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