How To Select The Correct Size Corset

Please refer to our size chart(s) which provide the measurements of the corsets with the laces done up.  

To select the correct size – you need to order a corset that is smaller than your actual waist measurements to allow for the lace up backPlease measure your waist a couple of times to make sure it is correct and  then refer to our chart and select the waist measurement that is approx 8cm / 3” smaller.  This will allow adjustment as you will have some flexibility with the lacing and it is usual to have a 2 – 3” gap in the lace up back.  Your corset should be worn as a comfortable fit and you must be able to bend and sit down.  However, the steel boned styles are more resilient for a tighter fit.

We recommend you are guided by the waist as this is the most accurate part of the garment for check measuring and  we do check measure all of our corsets to ensure they are within the measurements shown in our chart.  Often people just look at the size but of course we don’t have standard sizes in Australia so that is why we stress that the measurements are the most important not the Label or AU Size. 

Now that you know what size is best suited you can have confidence in purchasing a new corset to be worn for either lingerie or outerwear from our online store and look and feel sexy in your new corset.

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